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Solar water
Equipment for the production of pure H2O for drinking water from sea, river and brackish water using solar energy
Solarwasser deals with the problem of supplying a family with the daily requirement of drinking water from contaminated or salt water. A spring in your own garden – so to speak. Evaporation and condensation are natural. It is essential to concentrate the process in such a way that within 24 hours a substantial amount of solar water is yielded using the sun’s energy. The principle: The sun makes the H2O evaporate, it condenses, is collected and purified. Without an engine and without emissions. Phase 1 Impure part: A tent with permeable floor is set on water. The sun light heats the interior, and the water evaporates. On the inner walls of the tent condensate (solar water) forms and is collected. A water surface of 4.5 square meters and a condensation surface of 12 square meters yields up to 6 litres within 24 hours (depending on the hours of sun light). The water, enriched with cooking salt, is suitable for plants and animals. Phase 2 Pure part:
The water will only become drinking water according to the Drinking Water Ordinance when the solar water has been filtered through a commercial ceramic microfilter.
The sea, river or brackish water should not contain any components that also evaporate at low temperatures, such as oil, faeces or similar. Close to the water edge, a small basin must be produced, then this should be filled with sea, river or brackish water, and then tent should be placed. Ideally the tent should be placed at a location that receives 12 hours of sun light. Once the tent is placed, it continuously produces for 24 hours. The reservoir should be emptied each day at the same time, the tent should be visually inspected and the solar water should be decanted for further use.
Caution: Solar water is greedy for minerals (unsaturated) and should not be drunk in its pure form in large amounts. First it must be enriched with cooking salt or mineral supplements. Solar water can in its pure form and directly be used for cooking or to make coffee or tea.
Solar water is pure H2O, low in minerals, free from bacteria and therefore versatile.
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